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Yes, it is a mousepad. But it is also a cleaning cloth for displays. It even cuts a fine figure as a cleaning cloth for glasses. In addition, the GripCleaner® offers effective protection and, as a pad between the keyboard and display, protects the sensitive surfaces of the notebook. Fascinating: 4 applications combined in one product.

A multi-talent at its best: The top of the GripCleaner® is made of high quality P-. 9000® microfiber. This innovative material cleans highly sensitive surfaces gently and without leaving streaks. On the back, thousands of anti-slip dots provide a secure grip and maximum grip.



Brand: GripCleaner®
Width: 210 mm
Height: 150 mm
Country of origin: Germany
Weight: 21 g
Material: P-9000®-microfiber (80% polyester | 20% polyamide)
Finishing: Digital printing
Fields of application: Mouse pad, eyeglass and display cleaner

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